Allied with Upwork we are honoring regulation that forbids communication outside the Upwork website until the contract is started

“To protect our community, we are making changes to our Terms of Service that will require all pre-contract communications take place on Upwork and no contact information to be shared before a contract is started. These changes will become effective June 26, 2020. “

Once the contract is started we will immediately open all our communication channels.

Thank you for understanding.

Unlike the ALL others who offers similar price for the 1st year, and with 300% upscale for renewal – WE OFFER ALWAYS FIX PRICE.

With WebOnMind price is always the same. 100%.

We offer you one of the fastest hosting on the planet – SiteGround. Partnering with them from the very beginning we get special pricing for their services.

Your website speed must be super fast and that is what we deliver, proof included!


CDN – included in price
SSL – included in price
WordPress installation – included in price
Weekly backup – included in price
Security updates 
– included in price
Unlimited traffic 
– included in price
Help and support 
– included in price

All additional services are included in the price. Rare hosting websites might offer these services for free, even they will provide those services free just 1st year!

If you want to get familiar with all terminology you will run into along the way,
please visit our knowledge base page.